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Betca is active in the construction sector as a producer of reinforced prefab and prestressed concrete structures. Our customer base consists of contractars in the Benelux. Because our drive and specialization in customization, we enjoy a solid reputation that we have built over the years. Every project is followed carefully and in detail, starting with a preliminary study to the ultimate placement on the construction site.
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The company was founded in 70’s and as a result of reasoned investments Betca systematically developed into a loyal partner. For example, we have completely new production halls, we recently offer a wider range such as prestressed structures and started manufacturing our own concrete mortar with a brand new concrete plant. All this is, among other things, an endorsement of our ambition.

In addition to Betca, we have another company under our roof called Rupelstaal nv, which takes care of all the ironwork. Cutting, folding and welding is the core business there.

Corporate social responsibility is a fact, we have been working on for some time. In the past, Betca invested in 3500 square meters of solar panels. All the energy we generate at its peak moment is enough to be completely self-sufficient.

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Betca has its own iron weaving shop, where she processes customized reinforcement cages and delivers them to the prefab department. Because the iron processing can be adjusted at any time to the prefab department, we manufacture our reinforcement cages internally, this generates extra flexibility. The production process is naturally accelerated by this efficient collaboration.

Rupelstaal not only works for Betca, but also produces for external parties. A flexible planning ensures that we can always deliver on a fairly short term.